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Wimpole: We're Back to Settle Scores Again

We are happy to announce that we have been confirmed for attending Wimpole History Festival for 2019 and this time for three days.

More details will follow as they are confirmed but we expect we will be repeating 'A Polite Exchange of Bullets' and hopefully launching our new medical, surgical and health presentations.

Whatever we are required to do, we are thrilled to be back at Wimpole for another year.

16 October 2018

Confirmation of D-Day Festival for 2019

We have been confirmed to attend the Gosport D-Day Festival on the first weekend of June 2019. This will be a commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day and is located at the original embarkation point for the seaborne invasion of Normandy.

We will be forming part of a much bigger event across the city marking this important anniversary. We will be performing our 'D-Day Paratrooper' and 'Unsung Heroes of D-Day' presentations.

2 October 2018

Rufford Abbey 1940s Weekend Brings the Season to a Close

Three conseuctive weekends of events rounds off our 2018 season. Our busiest yet with a whole range of new events performed this year.

It was great to see the Rufford 1940s weekend carrying on after the site has changed hands, the event company having changed over and a gap of a couple of years where the event did not happen. We look forward to further shows at this beautiful venue in future years.

Our weekend high point was a visit from Alan Chapman and Ron Haydon, two veterans of the Malayan Emergency who make a point of coming to see us here.

2 October 2018

New Cold War display in development

For several years now we’ve taken our ‘Malaya: The First Shots of the Cold War’ to Hack Green Nuclear Bunker. With the advent of 2 shows a year at Hack Green, and with a view to developing something more in line with the idea of the Cold War as a Nuclear standoff we have started to develop our new display for Hack Green, and other Cold War museums.

Into development as of this weekend we bring you ‘When the Cold War Went Hot: The Cuban Missile Crisis’. This starts as an interactive exercise for visitors which asks the question ‘How Would You Handle the Cuban Missile Crisis’. Through decisions and choices the visitor can escalate or back down, and see whether their decisions, in the historical setting, would have avoided or started a nuclear war.

27 September 2018

New Show for The National Trust

Following our flush success at Hughenden Manor we are in discussions for a new display for Hughenden to tie in with one of the great passions of Disraeli, Public Health.

With dates to be confirmed, we are developing the Victorian Health & Medicine Tour for children, young adults and families. If you were a Victorian and had Smallpox, Cholera, or Consumption where would you go for treatment? How could you afford a doctor? What health and treatment options did you have? With every visitor taking a character with an illness, come on a tour of Hughenden Manor and Gardens and meet the many practitioners who can offer you the cure to your ills. How will you get better?

More details as this develops.

19 September 2018

Hughenden Manor records it’s busiest 40s weekend ever.

We returned for one of our regular haunts to Hughenden Manor in High Wycombe for their annual 1940s weekend in mid-September. The weather was brilliant (this heatwave cannot last forever) and the public turned out in numbers never before seen. Over 4,000 visitors came to the Manor over the weekend while we were front and centre of the North Lawn performing ‘The D-Day Paratrooper’ and ‘Unsung Heroes of D-Day’. We were completely encircled by the audience at every presentation.

We will be back for 2019 which will be the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the war.

17 September 2018

Back to Baston for the second year and trialling a new idea.

Last weekend we returned to Baston In The Blitz, this time with the Malaya display. It was a scorching weekend and thank heavens that we had jungle kit on as the weather was hotter in Lincolnshire on that day than it was in Corfu.

We spent the weekend demonstrating the commonly played (and illegal at the time) game of Crown and Anchor a common gambling scam that soldiers and sailors had been performing since the days of Nelson’s Navy. This was the first performance in a range of common scams and crimes through the ages that we will be expanding into for 2020 onwards.

We now return for Hughenden Manor on 15th September 2018

6 August 2018

Chalke Valley History Festival - A Brutally busy event but what an incredible experience.

What can we say about Chalke Valley? We’ve never done an event like it before. We started out immediately from Wimpole (we didn’t even get to go home) and headed to Wiltshire for probably the largest and busiest History festival in the UK. There were 148 speakers and authors present over the course of the week-long festival including Dan Snow, Helen Castor, Al Murray and many, many others.

We started the education week with our D-Day paratrooper display and schools from all over the country came to get an idea of the weight of the equipment, the ages of the soldiers concerned, and the stories of those who made the jump. The week filled up with schools booking in to see our presentation, with one year group so impressed they brought the rest of the school back.

For the Friday we’d hope it could calm down but we were back, this time as part of the Festival’s special invite morning on Airborne Forces History. Here we were part of a series of presentations involving former 3 Para commander Stuart Tootall as well as comedian and airborne historian Al Murray. The high point for us though (sorry guys) was meeting and learning from Fred Glover, a veteran of the very Merville Battery raid that we present in our Unsung Heroes of D-Day presentation. It was an honour and a privilege to work with him and the representatives from the Airborne Assault Museum at Duxford.

The weekend came and then we had to step up gear as we got into the Festival’s Live History Live! Programme. This is a series of presentations that are done between the performers, and the historians. We were part of Uniforms, Styles and Function with medieval historian Helen Castor, Voice of the Six Nations Eddie Butler, and post war historian Guy Davies. Here as part of a large display we put out one fully loaded Paratrooper and one fully equipped medieval man at arms.

The days followed as kit change after kit change as we alternated between periods (approximately every 90 minutes) supporting Guy Walters’ Red Devils at Arnhem presentation and Dan Jones’ Battle of Towton presentation leaving us shattered and exhausted but really rewarded at the end of each day.

Chalke Valley was a baptism of fire, and an incredible ride. We’d like to thank all the presenters, organisers, site staff and volunteers that made that event happen… we will see you in 2019.

2 July 2018


Wimpole History Festival - Continuing the multi-period trend

This past weekend we have been back at one of our regular haunts at Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire but this time we were not there for their Wartime Weekend but there for the Wimpole Hall History Festival, a multi-period festival of not only living history but also of leading academic and published historians, such as Dan Jones, Alice Roberts, Mary Beard and Peter Snow delivering talks, lectures and book signings.

We were there with our ever popular paratrooper display which has become a regular feature of living history events at Wimpole, and also changed periods to bring the duelling show this year. In front of a thrilled crowd, and in the beautiful setting of the Capability Brown Pleasure Garden we displayed a range of historic duels from the deadly to the bizarre.

Next year we’re hoping to be involved again where we hope to expand the Regency Living History display over three days instead of two. It is only the second year of the Wimpole History but it has launched into a remarkably engaging event in a beautiful setting.

Long may it continue.

25 June 2018

Duelling Show Launched and Satisfaction Granted

This weekend past we came to our first Historical Bazaar at Thoresby Hall, a beautiful Grade 1 listed historic house in Nottinghamshire. It was a multi period event and was the first where we have performed for than one period in one event. We went to support the Cold War displays in the Lancers Museum with our Malaya Emergency display but it was also the first outing of ‘A Polite Exchange of Bullets’ our new Regency Pistol Duel show.

Settling our scores in the courtyard by the café we exchanged shots like civilised gentlemen to a very enthusiastic crowd of spectators, many of whom were more than happy to act as our seconds and have our duellists fight for the honour of their ladies… or so they thought.

We performed every lunchtime in the café courtyard and had a successful maiden voyage of our new show. You can see the duel fought again at the upcoming Wimpole History Festival.

21 May2018


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