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National Service In The Jungle

We can provide a 45 minute talk featuring the arms, armour, equipment and experiences of the National Serviceman's life in the jungle (or the 'Ulu' as it was known).

This talk and demonstration will cover a multitude of points regarding jungle life, all having been researched from the testimonies of veteran soldiers. Examples of these are below:

  • Why we don't mention the war.
  • What does Hebrews 13:8 signify?
  • How old were they?
  • How did they lose a battle with monkeys?
  • Why did Malaya succeed but Vietnam fail?
  • How do you strip and maintain the weapons?

Following the talk the group will take questions and queries and all the equipment can be handled and tried to provide a wholly interactive experience.

Foreign Field can provide in-depth detailed talks and demonstrations on the history of men and women in conflict, throughout the ages in both military and civillian settings.

Costumed talks and demonstrations can be done more than once per day and are ideal for school visits and small museums or as individual displays in shows..

Contact Foreign Field for a quote or further information.